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Yoga Guide: Yoga for the hips! (New post up on!)

Hip flexibility is something that is so important but yet so overlooked in our daily lives. Our daily routines can create a lot of tension in our hip joints without us even realising it. 

Therefore, today’s practice is a very yin style of practice, that can help to gradually open up our hips, gain greater range of motion, and help to prevent injuries!

Check out the 10 asanas and their detailed write-up here!

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It’s time for another smoothie roundup! This time it’s all about classic, creamy banana based protein smoothies. I purposely didn’t put a specific type of protein powder in because you should use the one that you like best! Personally, I usually use Tera’s Whey but when I want a vegan options I go for Vega One. Sadly they are both very expensive so if you want to skip the powders all together but still want the protein add in your favorite Greek (or soy) yogurt instead! It’s cheaper but still gives you tons of refueling protein.

For more delicious, healthy smoothie ideas go here!

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